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Tell me what you know about love! ba ba ba basics

ba ba ba basics

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"You don’t know how deeply you are intertwined with someone until you try to walk away from them."

- m.l.  (via alcoooool)

(via alcoooool)

Amazing Hand Drawn Art!

"I had all the characteristics of a human being—flesh, blood, skin, hair—but my depersonalization was so intense, had gone so deep, that my normal ability to feel compassion had been eradicated, the victim of a slow, purposeful erasure. I was simply imitating reality, a rough resemblance of a human being, with only a dim corner of my mind functioning."

- Bret Easton Ellis, American Psycho (via feellng)


ariana grande always looking like she about to go to a quinceañera

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"I’m homesick for arms that don’t want to hold me."

- M.O.W, A ten word story (via sleepylilgirl)

(Source: imwritingpoems, via infinityc0re)